Paint By Numbers | New York
Paint By Numbers | New York
Paint By Numbers | New York
Paint By Numbers | New York

Paint By Numbers | New York

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Paint by Numbers is an activity that is popular with children and one that is attracting more and more interest from adults for good reason! This meditative painting kit helps to unwind and relax from our busy lives.

This illustration is inspired by the characterful buildings of New York. Once completed, you can then frame it and place it on a wall or on a piece of furniture at home to brighten up your interior.

Paint by Numbers explained 

The printed scene is divided into different sections that each contain a specific number. Each number corresponds to a particular colour of paint pot supplied in the kit. Use one of two brushes provided in the box and paint the section corresponding to each color. A sheet of numbered stickers has also been included in each box to stick onto the corresponding paint pots.

What does the kit contain?

-An illustration to paint in a 24.5 x 32.5 cm format on 430g paper

-2 paint brushes

-18 small pots pre-filled with eco-friendly paint

-1 sheet of numbered stickers to stick on each small pot of paint

-1 instruction sheet containing a description of the components, advice and an interview with the illustrator

A word about the illustrator Hoglet and co

Serena White or Hoglet and co is an illustrator who lives in England. Her gouache illustrations are hand painted and inspired by her daily life, nature and flowers. She presents relaxing urban landscapes with dazzling greenery that make you want to travel to her universe.

The benefits of Paint by Numbers

Paint by numbers is an activity for everyone and it has multiple benefits that you may not have realised. Like meditation, painting by number allows you to:

- Disconnect from everyday life

- Reduce stress and anxiety

- Get rid of negative thoughts

- Improve concentration

- Promote self-esteem


-Bio-based paint

-100% made in France

-Brushes made in Brittany

-18 pre-filled paint pots

- Completion time: about 6 hours