Hobnail Glass Jug | Rose

Hobnail Glass Jug | Rose

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Our exquisite 'Hobnail' glass jugs are truly a thing of beauty.

This type of glass pattern was very popular during Victorian times, usually in hand blown, translucent coloured glass, which is sometimes referred to as "Dew Drop Glass."

These jugs are hand made by skilled craftsmen in the Czech Republic in one of the oldest glass factories in central Europe.

The light; whether it is sunlight or candlelight,  bounces off these beauties and they positively glow on the table.

Perfect for water, wine, flowers or just to gaze at and admire!

Dimensions: H 22 x W 20 cm

Capacity: 2 Litres

Weight: 2kg

Availability: Please allow 1-2 weeks to deliver to your chosen address. If we can get the products to you any sooner we will endeavour to do so!